Maple Syrup Grading

The US Department of Agriculture has updated the pure maple syrup grading system. Syrup is now graded based upon color and taste. Below is the grading system as depicted by the New York State Maple Producers Association.

Maple Syrup Grades
  • Golden Color & Delicate Taste – Pale golden color and mild maple flavor. For those who enjoy a mild flavor, best for pancakes.
  • Amber Color & Rich Taste – Tawny maple color and rich taste. Middle of the road flavor. Great all purpose syrup.
  • Dark Color & Robust Taste – Dark bronze color and full-bodied maple flavor. For those who prefer a strong flavor and use it for cooking.
  • Very Dark & Strong Taste – Very dark brown and strong maple flavor. Mostly used in cooking.

Storage/Product Shelf Life:

Our maple syrup is hot packed at 180° Fahrenheit and is shelf stable for indefinite period of time. Once the syrup has been opened, it must then be refrigerated. If not properly maintained, mold may occur. If product becomes moldy, you may skim the mold off and bring syrup to boil.

Our maple cream should be refrigerated since we do not use preservative or additives to keep it from separating. If maple cream separates simply stir to combine.